The word Myoho has its roots in the Buddhist chant- Nam Myoho Renge Kyo. Myoho is 'the mystic energies of the universe' in Japanese.

There is a certain sense of stillness, wholeness and balance that forms the essence of the brand and forms the overall ethos.

Indian handlooms and crafts form the soil that the aesthetic of the label rests on. The fabrics play central roles- block prints using various indigenous methods rooted in Indian traditions and cultures along with Indian handlooms developed in various parts of the country form the base of every collection.

 The embroideries that ornament the clothes are subtle and intricate. And the colours that form the palette are consistently earthy and soothing across hues and seasons.

Myoho spans a life of 13 years and counting, birthed in the year 2007 by Kiran Jaisinghani & Meghna Himmatramka. These years have seen the brand showcase on the runway at Lakme Fashion Week in Mumbai & Wills India Fashion Week in Delhi for many seasons and it has increased its retail spread across the country in premium multi-design stores as well as overseas in Singapore, Dubai & the United States.

The year 2020 gave shape to Ensō - a comfort wear sub-brand of Myoho. It came from a space of creating and providing indulgent home wear with a step towards conscious living. Right from the packaging to fabrics to dyeing processes, the vision was clear as was the aesthetic we wanted to offer- clean, clutter free and conscious.

We hope to see this baby grow with all the love.


Meghna & Kiran