"Reverie” a state of being pleasantly lost in one’s thoughts; a daydream or a fantasy.

Dreamy | Meditative | Nostalgic


Oneness | Unity | Harmony

BLOOM | a beautiful process of becoming.

Signals  new beginnings just the way every flower does every Spring.
Bloom takes inspiration from vibrant colours through which nature smiles with us.

Autumn winter 2022



Rosewood, your splash of the timeless. Woven in stories and poems. Decked in colour and hugged by fabric that whispers tales transcending time.


She is graceful. She is radiant. She is Nima. 
Derived from the brilliance of the sun; Nima is a collection that has its roots in hope
and exhilaration. Celebrating the precious little moments of a vibrant summer in
joyful dresses and tunics in soft pastels. 
Explore the perfect essentials to complete your summer wardrobe.


We seek a sense of home in a myriad of experiences, people and places.

We form roots as we go along; our culture and backgrounds form the base and we grow along the way. 

This collection pays homage to our roots , our culture, our ever evolving present.


Enso by Myoho is an indulgent, comfort wear label with a step in the direction of conscious living that looks to redefine home wear.

Right from the fabric, printing, dyeing process to the final packaging, we make sure to choose the environment over everything else. Our signature prints are carefully designed to look raw and have delicate imperfections.

Minimal, relaxed and breathable, we hope you find your Ensō moment in your everyday.

Spotted in Myoho

Bringing you some of the trademark looks worn by women we love.